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Crowdfunding Campaigns

Shipping Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding a project can be a great way of raising finance through peer-to-peer support for the development of a product. You raise money for your project and offer backers/supporters a reward for their financial contribution. Crowdfunding campaigns that fund product development usually offer the finished product as an incentive to backers. 

Successful crowdfunding projects require world-class fulfillment as this is how you thank your supporters and build a loyal customer base. 

At RedSky Europe, we understand the importance of this stage of your campaign. We can help you add that personal touch such as a handwritten note, marketing slip, or even a bonus gift for your most generous backers. We can take your products directly from your manufacturer and configure them in any way you wish. Most importantly, we get your products to your backers in a timely manner. 

  • Fast delivery of orders
  • KickstarterIndiegogoGroupon, or flash inventory sale
  • Send in orders in any format e.g. CSV files
  • Standard packaging or bespoke
  • Add a personal touch to orders e.g. handwritten note, or a bonus product

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