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Crowdfunding involves raising capital for a project, business, or charity from a large number of individual donors. At RedSky Europe, we offer a unique crowdfunding fulfilment service that can help your brand grow and achieve long-term success.

A large number of those that launch crowdfunding campaigns incentivise their backers by offering a product reward in return for financial support. Products offered by crowdfunding campaigns range from low-value merchandise or samples to ready-for-use products.

Shipping rewards out to a large number of backers requires planning and project management. It can be time-consuming and costly so many campaign managers choose to work with a crowdfunding fulfilment company such as RedSky Europe.

What is Crowdfunding Fulfilment?

Crowdfunding fulfilment is the process of receiving and delivering backer orders and rewards.

Crowdfunding fulfilment services include inventory storage and management, kitting, light assembly, picking, packing, packaging and delivery of products that are financially supported by project backers online.

Crowdfunding fulfilment differs from other forms of Ecommerce fulfilment. This is due to the preparation and shipment of very large numbers of products at once. Many products require picking, packing, and shipment quickly, in order to fulfil the mass crowdfunding orders.

Working with an expert and professional crowdfunding fulfilment partner like RedSky can transform a difficult-to-manage process into one that is seamless and stress-free for your crowdfunding enterprise.

RedSky’s Crowdfunding Fulfilment Process

At RedSky, we have developed a number of dedicated systems and features set up solely for the purpose of managing the crowdfunding fulfilment process.

Our Inventory Management Software (IMS) uploads and tracks all crowdfunding orders online, manages and monitors inventory levels in real-time, tracks costs and shipment, and sets up relevant integrations. Our IMS integrates with all crowdfunding websites and online shopping cart software. This results in a quick and easy set-up for your enterprise, every time.

From our European and US-based Ecommerce distribution centres we ship to crowdfunding backers in locations across the globe.

Choosing RedSky as your crowdfunding fulfilment partner will result in tailormade solutions for your every campaign and will have no account setup fees, no matter how big or small the enterprise.

Crowdfunding Fulfilment Process

  1. Create your new product
  2. Set up your crowdfunding campaign
  3. Raise the funds to build your product
  4. Ship your product to RedSky
  5. Track inventory via the RedSky dashboard
  6. We kit and ship your backer rewards
  7. Your customers receive their order

Crowdfunding Platforms

To bring your new creative enterprise to life, launch your own crowdfunding campaign on one of the below crowdfunding platforms

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