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Kitting & Light Assembly

Kitting and Light Product Assembly

Assembled Merch Bundle Box

What is kitting?

Kitting involves the assembly of products together in a group in advance of the customer order coming into the warehouse. It involves packaging items that arrive as separate pieces into one single grouping prior to it being ordered by customers. The aim is to expedite the fulfilment process.

It involves combining multiple product SKUs (stock-keeping units) in an order to create one new product SKU.

Kitting is a strategy implemented by a huge variety of brands in the health, beauty, household, fashion, accessories, fitness, pet care, and stationery sectors, along with a wide variety of others. Our expert team at RedSky is skilled in streamlining fulfilment, and kitting is one of the many ways in which an Ecommerce retailer can move inventory faster.

How We Approach Kitting and Light Assembly

Kitting and light assembly are two forms of order fulfilment strategies offered here at RedSky. Both strategies effectively result in streamlined warehouse operations and vastly improved order fulfilment processes. 

Kitting and light assembly benefit companies that are seeking to streamline both their warehouse processes along with their supply chains. They are particularly suitable for industries in which product demand varies.

Our kitting and light assembly services are designed to save Ecommerce retailers time and money. Every day, our experienced teams engage in rapid order processing and fulfilment, making Redsky the perfect choice as your Ecommerce fulfilment provider.

Why Use Kitting?

  1. Time & Money Saving
  2. Commonly Combined Items Can Be Pre-Packed
  3. Reduced Shipping Costs

1. Time & Money Saving 

Kitting provides Ecommerce retailers with the ability to offer a selection of products to the consumer at a reasonable price. Kitting enables the retailer to group together complimentary products, saving consumers the time and effort required online to assemble a great order, piece by piece.

2. Commonly Combined Items Can Be Pre-Packed

For many retailers, over time consumer trends begin to appear among their purchases. Identifying the commonly combined items that make up these trends and pre-packing them into kits is a great way to save on time and space, while also reducing packaging.

3. Reduced Shipping Costs

Kitting also results in reduced shipping costs due to the efficiency of packaging products together. Ecommerce retailers sell more products while making the process for their consumers easier.

An example of kitting: A brand may have a complete hair kit containing a shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, and hair spray sold on their site as a kit. By combining certain products into kits, the fulfilment process is simplified.

Kitting for Subscription Boxes

Kitting at RedSky is frequently implemented for subscription box companies. It is an ideal way to handle promotional items and introductory packages. Our subscription box fulfilment capabilities include the assembly of standard boxes, kitting of multiple SKUs for custom-made boxes, and gift wrapping.

Kitting enables subscription box companies to streamline a larger portion of the production process. Similar to inventory management, outsourcing kitting to an order fulfilment company such as RedSky will reduce expenses and improve overall quality. It saves Ecommerce retailers from sourcing, managing, and packaging materials, and boxes.

How your subscription box looks is just as important as the products packaged inside. Our Ecommerce distribution centre is focused on creating an overall positive subscription box experience, from opening the box to enjoying the products inside.

What is Light assembly?

For many retailer products with multiple parts or pieces, it can be a time-consuming process to assemble and prepare products in a consumer-friendly manner.
To save our online retailers time and money, at RedSky, we offer a light assembly service from our Ecommerce warehouse. We provide this service for warehousing and distribution in both the B2B and B2C markets.

Light Assembly Options

  1. Product Preparation
  2. Gift Set Assembly
  3. Labelling / Ticketing
  4. Component Assembly

The first step is preparing the kit, bundle, or inventory for assembly. A consumer order then comes in and it is built from this order to produce a finished kit, product, or component. Our experienced RedSky team produces high-quality workmanship on all products. Our quality assurance team then inspects all processes and items to ensure that exact specifications have been met.

If your business has specific light assembly requirements, we would be happy to connect you with a RedSky Onboarding Specialist to discuss your needs.

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