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Subscription Box Fulfilment

Subscription Box Shipping

The subscription box industry is currently experiencing rapid growth and increased competition. The trend that began in the US has recently spread across the globe and has begun to emerge as a popular choice for European consumers.

Ecommerce Subscription Box of Socks
Ecommerce Subscription Box of Socks

The global subscription Ecommerce market was valued at $13 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to reach $478 billion by 2025 displaying an explosive CAGR of 68.0% over the forecast period (2019-2025). 

A subscription box is a recurring package of products from a brand. Many subscription boxes are delivered on a monthly basis, though the regularity can vary. The package contents are sector-oriented. On every delivery date, new products are delivered to the consumer, bringing excitement and surprise to the subscription box experience.

Customer satisfaction is a direct correlation with customer retention, which in turn, is the key to a successful subscription box business model. At RedSky Europe, we are committed to shipping orders accurately and efficiently while delivering them on time.

Our experienced team can remove the hassle and expense of order fulfilment, allowing you to focus on increasing customer acquisition, reducing subscriber churn, and growing your brand on a global level.

The European subscription market

Europe is a lucrative marketplace, giving retailers access to over 550 million people. The trend that started off in the US, has recently moved into the European market and has resulted in huge successes for subscription boxes.

For US companies looking to sell in Europe, working with an Ecommerce fulfilment company such as RedSky is an easy and stress-free option. Subscription boxes that are being shipped from the US to Europe are regularly caught in customs. There are then high taxes being imposed, making the process difficult and lengthy.

These barriers to a quick and smooth process result in slow delivery and dissatisfied consumers. This is where an Ecommerce fulfilment company such as RedSky can assist online retailers. Retailers can use the expertise and facilities of an order fulfilment company based in Europe, in order to avoid high taxes and long delays.

Since COVID-19, almost 50% of all online sales in Euro have been from consumers who have never before ordered online. European consumers are purchasing online at a much higher rate than ever before. As a result, right now is the perfect time for US brands to bring their subscription box model to Europe.

redsky subscription box services

  • Kitting, Bundling & Custom Packing
  • Fast, Cost-Effective Delivery
  • Internationally Tracked Shipping 
  • Localized Returns
  • Specialised Projects

The subscription box services offered at RedSky Europe are ideal for brands in the health, beauty, household, fashion, accessories, fitness, pet care and stationery sectors, along with a wide variety of others.

Working with an Ecommerce fulfilment company such as RedSky, has endless benefits for your business. Third-party logistics companies remove the middleman. Instead of your business receiving goods from the manufacturer and then sending them to an Ecommerce warehouse, we receive the goods directly from the manufacturer, cutting costs for your subscription box business.

Working with RedSky will also result in volume discounts, saving your business money on shipping contract costs and delivery time. We have the ability to scale up and down whenever suits your brand. Whether it is busy or quiet time for your business, we ensure everything runs smoothly, regardless of the volume of subscription boxes required.

An additional benefit is that RedSky founder & CEO Ken Byrne is a board member of SUBTA (Subscription Trade Association). Ken comes from an Ecommerce background and knows all there is to know in this space.

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Reduce your shipping, returns and VAT headaches throughout Europe with a dedicated team experienced with global brands, big and small. We’re here to answer questions and give you options.

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