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How We Help

How we help

Receiving and Storage

Receiving your shipment and processing your products into inventory:

All shipments are received into the RedSky Europe warehouse directly from your agent. Your shipment is checked and logged onto our warehouse management system (WMS). Any pre-storing services that you have specified for your products are then performed. Checked-in products are then either put on shelves (primary location) ready to service your customer orders or put into storage (reserve location) as backup stock.

Order processing

Receiving your customers’ orders:

Once your inventory is safely delivered to our warehouse, we connect our internal ordering system to your Ecommerce store and chosen selling platforms.  We are now ready to process your customers’ orders.

Through cloud-based warehouse management systems (WMS) we receive your customer orders. Our WMS links directly in with most shopping carts and third-party selling platforms. Automatic integration places your orders directly into our systems from the various selling platforms. Using this type of integration, we receive the order as soon as it’s placed by your customer. Orders don’t have to be delayed waiting for you or your staff to receive, review, and forward orders to us for shipping. Complete integration is quick, tidy, and completely seamless. We can also accept orders through email, manually placed through your software management system dashboard and even by phone.

As part of the initial setup, our staff link all your sales platforms to our system and train the appointed people in your company on the cloud-based management systems. You have your own user-friendly software dashboard where you can see live inventory updates, customer orders and current invoices for services.

Pick / Pack

Picking the correct products for your customer orders:

Order fulfillment is the process between receiving a customer’s order information and delivering their order. The logistics of fulfillment begin when the order information is routed to the warehouse or inventory storage facility through our cloud-based WMS. The product matching the order information on the invoice is then located and packaged for shipping. Although the customer does not see any of the efforts behind the scenes, order fulfillment is one of the biggest components of customer satisfaction.

The core business of any fulfillment service is the ability to pick, pack, and ship the appropriate items in a timely manner. When the order information arrives at our warehouse the items need to be located and collected. Once picked, the products are brought to the packing stations where they are packaged in a durable box / padded envelope with the necessary packing dunnage, secure tape, and shipping label. The finished package is then ready for pickup by a shipping provider.

Some products or orders may have special requirements or instructions like gift wrapping, personalization or specialist packing, these additional services are identified on the order sheet for the warehouse operatives and performed before shipping.

Our Warehouse Management Software Systems ensure a very high degree of accuracy when picking the correct products for your customers.


Boxing multiple SKU’s (products) together to form one SKU (product)

We offer a range of bundling solutions to meet all your needs. 

An example of a bundling is adding a shampoo and conditioner with a body wash order.  The individual products arrive at our warehouse separately and we put the set together to produce one final product. We are very versatile and can adjust bundles and their contents at your request.


Light assembly of products

We offer a range of kitting solutions to meet all your needs. Whether you need a customized kit, a pre-built kit we can take care of it.

An example of a kitted product is a watch strap that needs to be assembled and placed in a presentation box. You can creates kits that add value to your product.

Value Added Services

Additional services that enhance your brand and customer experience

We see ourselves as a partner and extension of your company. As your business grows so does ours. We have many years’ experience as Ecommerce retailers ourselves and work hard to add real value to the growth of your business.

We are constantly looking at ways in which we can offer more bespoke services that will help you grow. Contact us today with your requirements and we will work with you to find the best solution for your business.

It gives us great satisfaction to be part of your success story.

Some services and solutions we offer:

  • Product labelling & boxing
  • Barcoding & Re-barcoding
  • Pre-built kits
  • Custom packing procedures
  • Removing manufacturers’ barcodes or labels
  • Sourcing custom packaging & materials
  • Die-cut box assembly
  • Promotional materials and presentation packaging
  • Assembling kits for monthly subscriptions or promotional campaigns
  • Re-packaging products into clients’ specified packaging
  • Assemble kits as orders come in or pre-made and shelved for quick shipping


We handle your customer returns.
Returns are an issue for every online retailer, and some sectors more than others.

They could be viewed as bothersome, but the returns process does offer an opportunity to showcase your excellent customer service and can have a positive impact of future retention rates, if done well. It’s a big part of online selling-let us take the worry from you.

Return Services:

Receipt of Goods: we receive all returned goods to our warehouse in Ireland. This is the return address that your customers used for unwanted items.

RedSky Europe Returns
IDA Business Park, Purcellsinch, Kilkenny, Ireland. R95 TK64

  • Assessment of Returned Products: we individually inspect every product that is returned to our depot. We evaluate the condition of the product and determine, as per your policies, if the product can be put back into stock.
  • Packing: products that have passed inspection are repackaged and put back into live inventory.
  • Returned to Stock: products that have passed all inspections are returned into your inventory which you will be able to see on you inventory management software.
  • Inspection Fails: when we have products that do not meet your re-stock policies we contact you with details of the product and condition. If need be we can send images and let you decide if you want to get the product re-stocked into inventory. If not, we can ship the products back to you or arrange to dispose of them. No decision will be made on any products without you being informed.
    How returned products are handled is completely up to you. Unused, re-saleable goods can be added back into inventory. Discontinued items can be inventoried for a clearance sale or return to client and damaged goods can be disposed. We will work on any instructions you give us.