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Swag / Merchandise

SWAG and Merchandise for Every Occasion

Nothing shows appreciation like a SWAG bundle. Studies show that up to 90% of people have a better memory of your brand if they have received SWAG. So, reward employees, welcome new starters, and strengthen relationships with your clients by launching a custom SWAG project. 

At RedSky Europe, we can ensure your customers and employees “delight” when they open their SWAG packages. We manage the assembly and delivery of items across Europe to your exact specifications. Whether you plan to send SWAG bundles on an ad-hoc basis or you have a SWAG project as part of an event, speak to a member of our team who can outline the options.

Businesses send SWAG bundles to reward and develop relationships with employees and customers, to encourage both prospects and existing clients to spend with the business, and to develop a connection between the business and outside world.

  • Remote workers SWAG bundles
  • New employee welcome pack
  • Promotional marketing
  • Event merchandise
  • Everyday SWAG

Looking for some employee SWAG inspiration…..check out these ideas.


4 Simple Steps for SWAG at RedSky Europe

  1. Inventory arrives at the RedSky Europe fulfilment centre
  2. Products and merchandise are received into the warehouse and stored for dispatch as needed
  3. SWAG bundles are built to order
  4. Branded products and merchandise are delivered 

With these four simple steps, your SWAG bundles can be shipped to customers and employees all over the world. Choosing to work with RedSky Europe will save you hours of time. Let our team and technology do the hard work for you while your SWAG gets delivered stress-free worldwide. 

If you have an upcoming SWAG project, contact us today to find out how we can work with you to ensure you, your employees, and your customers get the most from your SWAG.

Looking for SWAG?

Our Swag partners can supply a wide range of branded products with a fast turnaround.

Specialist Swag company that produces bespoke branded products for all budgets and all needs. Clients include Facebook, Kingspan, mytaxi & Instaspace. 



Design and make high-end handmade leather Swag products.