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10 Digital Marketing Tools You Should Consider for 2019

Running an online business has many elements and while our business of Ecommerce Order Fulfilment is a very important part of that chain, without customers no Ecommerce business can survive.  We have put together 10 online platforms/services that will help your Ecommerce business in 2019. Many of these platforms are cost-effective, easy to use and most importantly, will help you grow your online business.

2018 was a year of serious growth in online retail and that trend is predicted to continue in 2019 so now is the time to make sure your online strategies are up to the task.


Google Keyword Planner

This is a free keyword research tool that allows you to search and find a wide range of keywords and keyword ideas, and see how keywords perform. All your keyword research can then be used for search engine optimization for websites and for your Google AdWords campaign.


Visual marketing is an important part of digital strategies.  Canva give you the power to customize images, manipulate text, add in backgrounds, choose image dimensions all in an easy drag and drop format.


This is a cost-effective paid service that professionally takes out the background form an image you supply them with. A good service if you sell on amazon and need images with a white background. Simply get Pixelz to take out whatever you want in you image and use Canva to pout that image on a white background.


Traackr is an influencer marketing platform that allows you to find influencers and do an analysis of their social media profiles, connections and what they’re interested in.  Traackr provides one system-of-record for influencer discovery, management and analytics to scale the impact of influencer relationships across your organization.


Hotjar allows you to analyze and understand the behavior of your website visitors with interesting metrics from website visitor recording, heat maps, scroll maps and click maps. The tool also gives you access to feedback polls and surveys, for collecting feedback that can help you better understand your website visitors.

People per Hour

A platform with plenty of good quality freelancers. Metrics for all freelancers are on their profiles e.g. reviews from users, response times, jobs have done, etc….  You can pay for freelancer by the hour or by the “offer” (job) and you can also post jobs to the People per Hour marketplace.


LeadPages is popularly used to create high-converting landing pages. With a large suite of optimized templates. LeadPages allows you to invite people visiting your website for the first time to download cheat sheets or eBooks, sign up for something or buy a book.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics tools in the world which every digital marketer should know about. The online platform provides you with access to different reports that contain information about your users, where they come from, which marketing channels on your website are more effective in terms of leads, conversions, downloads and sales, among others.


Brand24 helps you to monitor and track keywords related to your business, mentions about your business/brand or your competitors across many channels such as social media, blogs and forums.


Zapier, one of the best digital marketing tools, allows you to connect different online services and is a great tool for automating marketing tasks with triggers and actions.  It moves information between your website apps automatically.