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Subscription Boxes

RedSky Europe Subscription Box Service

Subscription Box

Now is a great time for European online retailers to look at subscription box models. Already a firm favourite in the US, subscriptions to products from beauty to food items are growing in popularity across Europe thanks to brands like Birchbox and Home Chef.

In less than a decade, America has become a subscription box paradise, and now the rest of the world following suit. According to Fuel by McKinsey, the subscription Ecommerce market is now worth in excess of $10 billion. Active subscribers have an average of two subscriptions each which indicates that once a consumer gets a taste of the subscription model, they are easily hooked and we can see why! At RedSky Europe, we understand that consumers love nothing more than to get their regular box of goodies delivered to their door.

Looking for a trusted partner?

Reduce your shipping, returns and VAT headaches throughout Europe with a dedicated team experienced with global brands, big and small. We’re here to answer questions and give you options.

Subscription Box Commitment

We are committed to ensuring that your customers get the best possible delivery and unboxing experience from their first order to their last. 

At RedSky Europe, we can help you offer the highest possible standards of service to your valued customers while you concentrate on growing your subscriber numbers. The services we offer include:

  • Marketplace integration
  • Picking and packing
  • Bespoke packaging
  • Personalisation
  • Fast order processing
  • Returns management

We can also assist with VAT management for your European subscription boxes. 

RedSky Europe’s Founder & CEO Ken Byrne in conversation with the Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA) Chairman, Chris George, on entering the lucrative European Marketplace.

Ken was previously a board member of SUBTA and advocates for developing the subscription boxes model across Europe.