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Our Software Dashboard

Our software was built specifically with our customers’ requirements in mind

Pick & Pack  
  • Double verification Scan, Pick & Pack
  • Additional products capability
  • Special Instructions 
  • B2B Case Pick (One Inventory SKU)
  • Work Orders
  • Wholesale B2B or B2C
  • RMA setup capability
  • Exchange capability (same/different SKU)
  • Unique inspection instructions for each SKU
  • Returns image capture
  • Detailed bills by delivery
  • Detailed tracking
Client Portal
  • Online Live Status of all orders
  • Lot No Tracking & Management
  • Mergeable Orders
  • Set automation rules
  • Set automatic shipping carrier based on rates
  • Serial Number recording
  • Full Order Audit trail
Goods In
  • Enter expected volumes
  • Variance Reporting
  • Detailed bills by delivery
24hr HD CCTV   
  • Security for high value products
  • CCTV tracing of individual orders possible for issue resolution

Web shop Integrations

Our Distribution Partners