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Packing Options

At RedSky Europe, we offer an extensive selection of premium packaging products to e-commerce retailers. All of the packagings we stock is available in our e-commerce distribution centre and can be packaged within, prior to being shipped to your consumers. We work closely with our packaging partner and offer solutions that are both creative and intelligent. When choosing our packaging offer, all waste is stamped out before it is even created. This results in a reduced carbon footprint and a positive impact on the environment for your business from day one.

The packaging we provide from our e-commerce warehouse is plain and simple. Online retailers can choose between orders packaged in standard plain packaging selected by RedSky Europe, or there is an option for merchants to supply their own. There is no additional cost for supplying your own packaging. Our team has years of industry knowledge and can be relied on to find the perfect packaging solution for your business, no matter the shape or size of your product. The online retailer industry is fast-moving and as a result, we offer quality, service, and support of the highest level to our partners at all times.

Our Standard Packaging Options

  • Envelopes
  • Boxes
  • Recycled Dunnage
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Taping & Sealing (including water-activated tapes & masking tapes)
  • Void Fill (kraft paper, void fill and padding, biofilm air pillows)


Envelopes and packets can be used by online retailers to ship out small items. Products such as cosmetics, a book or a DVD can fit into a variety of our different envelopes and packages.


Our cardboard boxes are ethically and sustainably sourced. They come in a number of different shapes and sizes and can be used to send out bigger items. A popular choice among many of our online retailers is subscription boxes. Every month, the RedSky Europe team packages up a new variety of products from your business and sends them to customers around the world.

Recycled Dunnage

All of the dunnage used in the packaging process at RedSky Europe has been recycled. Dunnage refers to the materials that protect the products during shipment. This can vary from packing peanuts to foam.

Bubble Wrap

At RedSky Europe, when packaging delicate or fragile goods, we first wrap them in bubble wrap. This ensures that during shipment, there is no damage to the goods. It is lightweight, an ideal insulator, versatile and cost-effective for your business.

Taping & Sealing

For many of our boxes and parcels, we use pressure-sensitive tape to seal them. Depending on the contents of the box, both water-activated and masking tape are used.

Void Fill

Void fill is suitable for filling out packaging boxes that have additional space in them. Void fill ensures that the items and products inside the package do not move around, preventing damage. Our void-fill lightweight solutions are a perfect choice as they reduce potential postage costs. Examples of void fill offered at RedSky Europe are kraft paper, padding, and biofilm air pillows.

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