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Managed VAT Services

Our mission is to make it easy for ambitious brands to grow their business in Europe.

We offer an easily accessible Managed VAT Service for fulfilment customers that takes care of the complexities of distance selling in Europe.

RedSky Europe takes the hassle out of EU & UK VAT

VAT in Europe can be difficult, right? In this VAT Guide, we simplify the information to help your Ecommerce brand growth in the European Union.

Why use a managed VAT platform?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is the sales tax applied to goods and services purchased in Europe. VAT is governed at a national level and each country in Europe applies its own VAT rate and rules governing the administration of VAT.

The advent of Ecommerce and distance selling left VAT rules outdated and overburdensome in Europe. In their attempt to overcome the excessive burden of VAT management in 27 different countries, foster cross-border trade, and competition, and level the playing field for European Ecommerce sellers, the European Union recently introduced a new set of regulations and mechanisms.

Whilst these initiatives have gained broad support from Ecommerce stakeholders, a level of uncertainty and complexity associated with EU VAT management remains for many cross-border sellers.

Seller Obligations

Regardless of where your business is located, you must manage VAT when you are selling goods or services in Europe. You can choose to manage VAT yourself; either by appointing an EU-based fiscal representative and registering for one of the One-Stop-Shops (OSS) or, by registering for VAT in every European country where you sell products.

RedSky Europe's Managed VAT Services

  1. Register your company for VAT
  2. Prepare and manage your VAT returns and payments
  3. Undertake any VAT related work that may arise
  4. Retain statutory records and manage tax authority audits.

What are the Benefits of Managed VAT?

With a total of 27 countries in the European Union, most with largely differing requirements, managing VAT can place an excessive and unnecessary burden on brands that are entering the European marketplace for the first time. RedSky Europe’s VAT management platform frees distance sellers from the day-to-day obligations of VAT management effectively eliminating complexity by:

  • Managing all VAT related activities
  • Processing VAT for all European based countries


At RedSky Europe, we offer a fully managed VAT service. Your business won’t have to worry about the administrative burden of managing VAT, leaving you more time and energy to focus on growing your sales in the European market.

Why use RedSky Europe's Managed VAT Services?

Will my VAT documentation be retained?

All of your business documentation relating to VAT will be retained by RedSky Europe. This documentation will be available for inspection at any time.

How do I register for European VAT?

As part of our managed VAT services, RedSky Europe will submit your VAT registration to the Irish VAT authorities on your behalf.

Looking for a trusted partner?

Reduce your shipping, returns and VAT headaches throughout Europe with a dedicated team experienced with global brands, big and small. We’re here to answer questions and give you options.