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Inventory Storage Service

Inventory arriving at the RedSky Europe Fulfilment Centre is placed on shelves for immediate order fulfilment, with additional stock secured in inventory storage space. This maximises the speed and cost effectiveness of your order fulfilment. We provide flexible storage options tailored for current and future stock levels to match your business needs.

RedSky Europe 3PL Fulfilment Services

Bin Bays

Storage for smaller products


Rapid access to pack and pick orders


Durable, safe, vertical storage options

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Live Inventory Management

RedSky Europe has developed Inventory Management Software (IMS) to support a multichannel warehouse process. The IMS system tracks inventory from arrival to final shipment, monitoring receipt and storage of your inventory and automating management of stock replenishment alerts.


The security and safety of every product that enters The RedSky Europe Fulfilment Centre is guaranteed. Our extensive storage options cover all cargo and product types, with regular safety checks and continuous training.