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Inventory Storage

Inventory Storage Options

RedSky Europe Ireland Warehouse

Inventory Storage involves holding retailer goods/products in a warehouse prior to shipment out of the distribution centre. These products awaiting purchase are stored in a safe and secure location until a time in which they are processed in order and are then taken out to be prepared for shipment.

Storage Optimised for Lower Cost

At RedSky, we offer a wide variety of cost-effective storage solutions for your business. When your stock arrives in our warehouse, any products that will be needed in the short term are placed on shelves, and backup stock is put into reserve in our inventory storage warehouse. This makes it cost-effective, as for every order it is not necessary to make trips to the storage unit. Additionally, depending on the volume of stock being stored, there are many viable storage options for your business.

Live Inventory Management

We have developed a robust integration infrastructure to support the multichannel warehouse process. For all inventory, this is done with our Inventory Management Software (IMS).

The IMS’s role is to track all inventory arriving in our warehouse until the final shipment. It effectively monitors receipt and storage of all incoming retailer inventory and keeps on top of replenishment when inventory is low on the shelves. 

Facility Security

Choosing RedSky as your order fulfilment and storage partner has many benefits. One of them is guaranteed security and safety of every product that enters our distribution centre. We offer safe storage options for all types of cargo and products, with regular safety checks and training being performed to ensure the highest standard is always achieved across the board.

Storage Options

We offer three primary storage options; 

Bin Bays

The smallest unit of storage available in our Ecommerce warehouse is our bin bays. We regularly utilise bin bays to store a small number of items in a variety of different shapes and sizes. 


The second storage option is shelving. Our shelving system is meticulously managed, ensuring quick and easy access to your inventory at all times. 


Our pallet racking system maximises the use of warehouse vertical space. Our pallets are both durable and very safe, making them the ideal retailer choice.

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