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European Ecommerce Report 2017

(Report Read Time: 10 minutes)

Online retail in Europe continues to grow significantly. Whereas retail in general is still facing difficult times, the European Ecommerce turnover managed to increase by 15% to €530 billion in 2016. The future of Ecommerce in Europe looks very bright.

The European Ecommerce Report 2017, supported by Ecommerce Europe, give some great insights into the European online marketplace.

About Ecommerce Europe Association:

Through its 20 national associations, Ecommerce Europe represents over 25,000 online shops across Europe. Its mission: boost the Ecommerce industry by helping decision makers shape policies fit for future sustainable growth. To do so, Ecommerce Europe takes initiatives to come up with innovative market solutions, provides a platform for expert discussion and facilitates connections between online retailers and relevant stakeholders. It also highlights the importance of Ecommerce to the economy through the provision of in-depth research on the European and global markets.