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10 interesting things about the Ecommerce giant Amazon

(Read Time: 1 minute)

While there is no denying that Amazon is the king of Ecommerce, here are few things that you may not have known about the online retailer:

  1. The internet store was created on July 5, 1994.
  2. During Amazon’s first month in business, it received orders from customers in 50 US states and 45 countries across the world.
  3. In 1997, Barnes & Noble sued Amazon, alleging that Earth’s Largest Bookstore was a false claim. They eventually settled out of court with Amazon continuing to use their slogan.
  4. The site once went down for 49 minutes and the company missed nearly $5.7 million in sales.
  5. Despite being founded in 1994 it took until 2004 for Amazon to record an annual net profit for the first time.
  6. The first book sold on was Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies by Douglas Hofstadter.
  7. On the logo, the arrow is directed from a to z, which means that anything can be bought on
  8. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos is the richest person on earth, with 111.2 billion US dollars, according to the “Forbes” magazine.
  9. The first-generation Kindle was released on November 19, 2007 and was sold for $ 399.
  10. Amazon employs over 563,000 people across the globe, more than Google, Facebook and Alibaba combined.