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A Mix of 25 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2019

We have put together a list of products from various categories that may be worth considering for 2019.  The Ecommerce industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, making it increasingly important to find products that help you stay ahead of the competition and give your shoppers what they want.


Athleisure is a term coined to describe activewear that is worn for everyday use. Clothing that is comfortable and durable, while still being stylish. Athleisure includes anything from leggings to sweatpants, sports bras, and socks.

Beard Oil

You may remember we mentioned beard oil on our top 2017 viral products list, and it’s been enjoying its top spot since!  Although it’s become a very competitive market with the likes of Dollar Shave Club, there is still room for you to dig deep into your creativity to drill down into saturated markets to find more segmented beard grooming niches.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

If you’re looking for more environmentally sustainable products to suit your environmentally conscious audience, then bamboo toothbrushes could be a winner. Cashing in on products that appeal to shoppers following a more minimalist lifestyle could help you get ahead of this trend.

Coconut Oil Based Products

Coconut oil products have been a consistent climber since 2008 and offer a host of product possibilities in a variety of niches. Within the beauty, hygiene, and personal grooming niche, there are deodorants, toothpaste, soap, hair products, moisturizers, and more.  Outside of the beauty niche, coconut is very popular with people looking for healthy cooking options and there are tons of posts out there with coconut oil use tips – from using it to season cast iron skillets and frying pans to making mayonnaise. Find the use/trend that answers your target audience’s pain points.

Car Air Fresheners

Yeah, car air fresheners are old news, but their popularity isn’t. From online toiletry stores like iHerb to big Ecommerce giant Walmart, car air fresheners are a favorite. This versatile, user-friendly product can be added to any niche segment, from car accessories to homeware or online cleaning stores.

Anti-Snoring Products

Anti-snoring products are a sought-after dropshipping product for wellness stores, and their popularity has been growing steadily. The advantage of adding this type of product to your store is that they are not seasonal products; people sleep (snore) all year round! Anti-snoring products can include chin straps, mouth guards, nose plugs for those that snore, and earplugs for those living with a person who snores.

Wireless Headphones

Last, but by no means least, we have trendsetter wireless headphones. They are steadily growing in popularity year on year, but as you can see below, their real shining moments are Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  Last year they made USA Today’s 15 most popular things our readers bought on the Cyber Monday list, and you can see from the trends, that this Black Friday Cyber Monday shouldn’t be any different.

Video Doorbells

Next on our trending tech products list are video doorbells. Their popularity is mostly driven by the growth True, it is not an easy niche to break into – you will need to put a lot of research time and effort into adding these products to your store. But if you do it right, it could be a good money-maker in the home security industry, and they are one of the leading products in that niche.

Tassel Earrings

Another trendsetter in the jewelry category is tassel earrings. It’s a trend started by some of fashion’s biggest icons and has filtered down to Ecommerce and retail. There are a lot of options with this product, which means you can find a variety of earrings to suit your target audience’s preferences regarding style and price.

Minimalist Watches

As the minimalist trend grows, so does the list of popular minimalist products. One such product is the minimalist watch, which has gained a lot of hype on influencer Instagram accounts. The key to a minimalist watch is its simplicity.

Baby Nail Trimmers

Baby nail trimmers have been trending since December 2017. A lot of their popularity can be attributed to mom bloggers and baby accessory stores whose Facebook videos have gone viral.

Coffee Cups

If you want a best seller that has been popular over time, then look no further than the coffee cup. They have been consistently popular over the years, but if you want to make a splash, you should be designing your own. Or jump on the customization trend and let your shoppers create their own.

Silicone Baking Molds

Another silicone product, baking molds, is making a comeback! From shaping designer cakes to cute muffins, they are an affordable product that has taken over the baking niche. You just have to look at some of the sub-categories on AliExpress to see the thousands of orders placed on such simple, affordable products.

Black Necklaces

Black necklaces are not one of those jewelry trending products that popped up overnight. Instead, they have enjoyed a steady climb to becoming a popular product to sell in 2018. The black diamond necklace is particularly sought-after in the US. Sure, back diamonds are not a mainstream product in terms of affordability, but if you can add a pretty ‘dock-off’ costume design, you could have a winner.


Matcha is a green tea variety that has not only grown in popularity but offers sellers good profit margins. Think of it as the Ferrari of green teas, which targets those shoppers looking for premium tea flavors and extra green tea benefits.

Stove Covers

Another favorite AliExpress product is the highly-searched stove cover, designed specifically to keep gas burners clean. It’s not just their popularity that makes them a good seller; their price point makes them affordable and their weight makes them easy to ship.

GPS Key Trackers

It is no surprise why this trending product is so popular. It was designed to answer a very real problem that so many of us have. And with the help of Bluetooth and intuitive apps, they are now a best-selling product. A good example of how this product has linked Ecommerce with tech is tracker expert Tile.

Vegetable Cutters

We know that kitchen products are a popular Ecommerce niche, with lots of best-selling products to branch into. Vegetable cutters are one such trending product and have seen great growth. Another advantage of picking trending products is their keyword searchability and therefore their SEO potential. Especially if the product is evergreen (not seasonal) like kitchen products are.

Green Tea

A long-time favorite product, green tea consistently makes the best-selling products list. Tea has become so popular that even Shopify has a whole guide dedicated to starting an online tea company. Green tea is said to be the most lucrative in the global tea market, with the highest growth rate. This tea trend has given birth to a lot of Ecommerce businesses and exciting new green tea flavors.


Leggings are very lucrative leggings right now. Whether you’re delving into the athleisure or sports apparel markets, or are looking to make your own branded products, leggings are one of the best-selling products online for 2018.


No trending products list would be complete without a mention of shapewear. This apparel/health product’s popularity has been growing steadily. It is so popular that there are Ecommerce stores that start their business selling nothing but shapewear.

LED Mirrors

LED mirrors are fast becoming a must-have product for beauty and grooming enthusiasts. Although the wall-mounted versions may not be something you would add to your beauty and makeup store, the hand-held versions could make a popular add-on for your store.

Phone Cases

Phone cases are another best-selling product that has been growing in a big way since 2009. That’s because they are an inexpensive product that almost everyone (with a phone) needs. Silicone phone cases are hugely popular (most new covers are made with silicone), as are the new kids on the block: marble phone cases. But if you want to break into this competitive market, the trick is to take these trends and design something unique to your brand.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is so hot right now. From bulbs and photography lightboxes to mirrors, it seems LED is on everything these days. Not only are they lighter on electricity, but they are a lot less breakable. It is very likely that in a few years LED will replace most of the current lighting solutions. The rise of smart lighting is also thanks to LED lights and technology.

360-Degree Cameras  

With the growth of the photography industry comes the growth of trending photography products. One such product is the 360° camera. These products are still relatively new but were designed with VR capabilities in mind. For now, they allow photographers and videographers to shoot 360-degree photos and video, which makes for awesome travel photos.