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The Difference between Ecommerce and M-Commerce

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In this fast-moving world of technology everything is now available at our fingertips. Any products we now desire is just a few clicks away.  This is made possible thanks to new technologies such as E-Commerce and M-Commerce.

While the conversion from physical store purchasing to online shopping has taken some time the uptake from E-Commerce to M-Commerce is happening very fast.  An online business transaction that happens on a mobile device (phone, tablet etc..) is considered M-Commerce while a transaction that happens on a desktop computer or laptop is identified as an E-Commerce purchase.  The number of smartphone users has dramatically increased over the past number of years and this has given rise to the increased amount of M-Commerce transactions.  Online retailers are now making sure that their products are as easy to buy on a smartphone as they are on a laptop.

Here is a chart showing the difference between the world of E-Commerce and M-Commerce:



Internet access is necessary for e-commerce M-commerce connectivity is launched as a wireless connectivity using mobile devices
Buying and selling products and services with the use of the internet Buying and selling products and services with the use of mobile phones that have access to the internet or cellular data
Requires devices such as laptops or computers Requires devices such as tablets, smart phone and iPads
Platform used: web stores Platform used
Mobility is limited, and devices can be cumbersome due to size or weight Easy to carry and offer more mobility, accessibility and convenience
Less costly as created on the web store platform and there is a usage of internet More costly as a mobile app is required and there is a usage of cellular data or internet
Since it is applicable to the broader area customization for each user is not possible Mobile devices are usually owned by an individual and so anyone can use the customised app to fulfill their personal or business needs
More complicated user interface and more functions available Easy to use as all the functions are simplified