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Enterprise Ireland: The Irish Advantage & How it Helps International Companies

(Read Time + Video: 3 minutes)

Connect with Innovative Irish Companies

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish Government’s trade and innovation agency. Its goal is to build successful, long-term business relationships between international companies and Irish partners.  Enterprise Ireland connects international businesses with Irish companies.

What Enterprise Ireland can do for International companies:

  • Access to Innovation: Enterprise Ireland is  one of the world’s largest seed capital investors that helps develop a pipeline of cutting edge Irish companies.
  • Connect to Businesses: Its industry experts understand International Companies requirements and match them with a shortlist of Irish partners that can deliver for them.
  • Get Direct Introductions: Enterprise Ireland  makes direct introductions to the right people in Irish companies, enhancing and simplifying the experience for International Companies.

How The Irish Advantage platform works for International Companies:

  • Develop: Enterprise Ireland invest in a pipeline of world-class innovation and help develop cutting-edge Irish companies build global capabilities to facilitate International Companies.
  • Understand: Industry experts in the Enterprise Ireland international offices work with your company collaboratively to understand your business challenges.
  • Shortlist:  Assemble a shortlist of qualified Irish partners who match and solve your business problems.
  • Introduce: Make direct introductions to the right people in Irish companies, enhancing and simplifying your experience.
  • Partner: Facilitate and progress your business partnership with innovative Irish companies.

Why Partner with Irish companies:

  • Europe’s fastest growing economy: Irish businesses are globalised, forward-looking and ambitious – their partners benefit from this dynamic approach.
  • One of the world’s most innovative ecosystems: Irish small and medium businesses are the most innovative in Europe and are supported by a world-class R&D ecosystem.
  • A global technology centre: Irish companies grow up alongside the biggest names in tech, life sciences and financial services and meet the standards of global leaders
  • A culture of entrepreneurship: Irish people are renowned for developing business opportunities worldwide and their ambition means a sharp focus on success.